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About barabara

The brands vision

barabara is a sustainable, slow fashion company which produces unique street wear, whose main focus is comfort. Each piece is unique and hand made in our workshop, based in Odense, Denmark.

All our designs are available in a limited number and for a limited time, to ensure our customers, exclusivity and uniqueness.

We put a lot of effort into showing the customer styling options, by styling each piece in a different way during our photo-shoots. So, that the customer can be inspired.

Slow fashion

To ensure high quality, a good fit and longevity, we test our clothes to see how they wash and how they wear and tear. We do think of the environment and it is important to us so participate in “Slow fashion” by producing quality pieces. We try our best when designing and cutting the fabric not to leave a lot of spillage (fabric waist).

Friendly packaging

Our clothes are not packed individually in plastic bags, and therefore leave no plastic trail. There are no paper labels on the clothing; you can se all the information about each piece screen-printed on the clothing and/or online.

Environment friendly

All our screen-print colors are environment friendly colors. Our handbags are made of discarded leather and woven cotton from the home décor industry and are upholstered with 100 % organic cotton.

The Designer

Bára Àstvaldsdóttir born and raised in Iceland moved to Odense, Denmark in her early 20´s. Bára graduated as a Fashion Designer from TEKO (now UCC). Before entering the studies at TEKO design and business.

Her main focus before and whilst studying was to learn about; clothing construction, sewing techniques, drawing techniques, clothing artwork, and material knowledge.

“I feel that it is important to know all about clothing, to be able to understand clothing”